Sunday, February 12, 2012

Long ways to go....

I thought this week I would see magnificent progress but alas... this is so reminiscent of my childhood piano lessons...I didn't give it the time it deserved. Five or six feathers later, here is where I'm at:

Really, not much better than last week. However, there are a few bright spots! I have been playing with threads I've never worked with before and it has been fun experimenting. The feather above was made using 60/2 cotton on top and Superior's Bottom Line 60wt poly in the bobbin.

I have also discovered that echo quilting is much easier with an open free motion quilting foot:

I ditched the closed foot that came with my machine and used the modified foot that my dad took a Dremel tool to. While I can't say my echo quilting has really improved, I think it will be much easier going forward. I have better vision without all that metal in the way!

And on a final note, how about an adorable kitty picture? This is my QC team, Linkin and Rune. I must be fairly good at making quilts because so far they haven't rejected a single one!

Until next week or when I make significant progress (whichever comes first, hopefully the latter) - 

Happy quilting!


  1. Kirsten, I think your feathers look pretty good for free motion. I still need to do more on the January activity! Did you like the combo of the 60 wt cotton on top and Bottom Line on bottom? It looks nice to me. But of course green always looks nice!

    I also liked your comment on the "open" foot as I have been trying to figure out if I should purchase one or just work with the closed toe.

  2. Definately agree about the open toe foot. And I think your feather does show improvement. As with everything, it is all about practice! Practicing on something where you can actually see what you are doing is what I should be doing. Next quilt .

  3. Hi Kirsten, I'm a big believer in the open toe foot for free motion quilting. Your feathers look great. Bravo well done! Congrats for completing the challenge before the end of the month. Your cats look comfy to me. Happy Leap Day!